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The University Library was founded together with the revival of the academic education in south of Bukovina, in 1963, by establishing the three years Pedagogical Institute in Suceava. Starting with only two librarians, the Department offers its readers a modest collection of 3000 books. Within a few years, due to acquisitions and thanks to generous donations of many intellectuals from Suceava, the number of publications exceeds 20 000 volumes in 1965. Also during this period, the library registered 211 subscriptions to newspapers and magazines, including 43 titles from abroad.

Over the years, under the direction of prof. Rodica Iordache, prof. Maria Grigoraş, Professor Ph. D. Vasile Dospinescu and Professor Ph. D. Rodica Nagy, the university library staff organized and developed the collection, increasing it with publications from antiquarians, publishers, but also through donations, done by cultural personalities from the region. The most significant collections come mainly from donations and private collections: Theodore Balan, historian, Dumitru Berlescu, I. D. Laudat, Vasile Neamtu, Constantin Ciopraga, Traian Chelariu, Ilie E. Torouţiu, Mihail Iacobescu, Adrian Graur, Mircea A. Diaconu, professors, and many others. Thus, the university library collection consists of more than 310 000 volumes, and answers the requirements and informational needs of the local and national academic community.

In 1994, through a Tempus financial funding Programme for academic institutions, the library received its first computers and the intranet access infrastructure was designed to implement the Vubis Library Soft. The electronic catalogue and the open access interface offered the readers a better access to the existing collections.

The continuous increase in the number of available publications required the reorganization of collections, in 1998, by establishing a distinct Reading Room for Periodicals and Serials, and, also, and the separation of the technical volumes.

In 2003, The Special Collections Reading Room was established, consisting of over 12 500 Romanian and foreign old and rare volumes. Its main purpose is to ensure a better preservation and presentation of this valuable heritage.

During the 2003-2004 academic year, the Reading Room "Mihail Iordache" was reorganized to offer direct access to Humanities. Currently, over 25 000 books are available to direct access, in this reading room.

In 2008, a generous space was designed for expanding USV Library, and the entire library collections were relocated from A Building to the new location, E Building. Here it was established a new Reading Room, with open shelves access, for economic and technical publications, and an Internet Room with 30 Macintosh PCs with Internet access through optical fiber and wireless.

Due to the increasing informational knowledge, the library staff initiated the procedures of acquiring a new Library Soft, Aleph 500, being entirely supported by the university academic board, represented by Rector, Professor Ph. D. Eng. Adrian Graur, in April 2010. At this moment, over 34 700 bibliographic descriptions have been converted from the former library soft, Vubis to the new one, Aleph 500 through the collective efforts of the library staff.

At the beginning of 2011, the library services infrastructure was modernized with a special security equipment (RFID), security gates and the software that ensures compatibility with the automated library management.

At present, the library offers 5 Reading Rooms with more than 200 seats, scanners, printers, one hall for Home Loan and an Internet Room. More than 60 national institutions and over 100 foreign institutions are part of the library exchange department.

The library staff is continuously concerned with the improvement of professional skills, by participating in various methodical and scientific national and international meetings, including the ERASMUS+ mobilities. In the last two decades, USV Library has established and developed partnership relations with libraries from Ukraine, Moldova, Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Slovakia etc.

The Library Services Access is done on an electronic Library Card.

Over 24 500 new titles and 124 titles of periodicals and serials were recorded by the summer of 2011, due to the efforts of the library staff, together with students - volunteers from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. By July 2011, there were labeled with RFID tags 60 000 monographic volumes from the open shelves Reading Rooms and, also, from the Home Loan. Currently, the library's online catalog includes more than 95 570 bibliographic descriptions and almost 90 000 RFID tagged publications.

Over time, the Library of the University "Ştefan cel Mare" of Suceava has developed its encyclopedic character and the collaboration with the academic community by improving its acquisition policy in order to answer all requirements and informational needs of our users.

From 2014, The USV Library supports and promotes publications, issued by USV Publisher, by organizing a Bookstall, for courses, textbooks, and other publications signed by academics from the University "Ştefan cel Mare" of Suceava.

Furthermore, the library offers access to of the most prestigious scientific international databases. From 2011, the University "Ştefan cel Mare" of Suceava is member of ANELIS PLUS, an academic consortium.

The Library Team is continuously searching new strategies to assert itself as an active presence in the academic community by organizing scientific and cultural meetings, conferences, book launches, book stalls and exhibitions, "Omul şi cartea" etc.