Critical discourse and linguistic variation: New investigation perspectives
SECOND EDITION: Suceava, 3rd – 4th September, 2012

The conference will be organised as part of the  PRO-DOCT  project – the challenges of knowledge and development through doctoral research, financed by the European Social Fund through the operational sectorial programme for the Development of Human Resources, 2007 – 2013.
”Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Faculty of Letters and Communication Sciences

Addressing mainly Ph. D. candidates, the conference focuses on the debate generated by the investigations conducted by young researchers in the realm of philological studies (literary hermeneutics and exegesis, language history, traductology etc). In addition, this event creates an ideal environment for sharing academic experiences that are aimed at professional development and interuniversity cooperation in the European space.

The evolution of literary research invites either critical reevaluation of investigation methods previously used in the literary science or proposing innovative strategies that are more applied on the literary phenomenon. On the other hand, the unprecedented production of literary texts confronts the specialists with the necessity of identifying, selecting and validating the discourses that are worth the investigative process. Due to the wide range and multiplicity of construction procedures, the literary discourse represents for linguistic analysis a complex object of study which necessitates complex, diverse, and complementary investigation instruments, some of them instituted a long time ago, others founded during the latest decades.

All these, combined with other topics of great interest, represent invitations towards opening dialogues with a view to suggesting alternative wordings of the conference themes which will be structured into two sections as follows:

1) Interpretative / evaluative discourse of literary text;
2) Analysis of discursive patterns; specificity and generality.
Presented papers will be considered for publication in the volume of conference proceedings.

The participation fee – 25 euros for international participants (participation and publication), and 50 euros for participants from abroad (publication no participation).
The conference fee will be paid until 30 June 2011 (Further details about payment possibilities will be supplied later on.) The paper in extenso will be sent only together with a proof of payment.