Instructions to authors

· Paper Format: B5
· Margins:
oTop: 2 cm
oBottom: 2 cm
oRight: 2 cm
oLeft: 2,5 cm

· Paper Title: [Times New Roman, 14, Bold, Justified, with capital letters]

· Affiliation: Name and Surname [Times New Roman, 12, bold]; Institution, City / Country; e-mail address [Times New Roman 10, Italic]. All data will be aligned to the right.

· There will be 2 empty lines between affiliation and paper abstract.

· Abstract [Times New Roman 10, justified]: The paper abstract will be between
50-200 words and will be written in double form, both in English and in French.

· Key Words [Times New Roman 10, italics, aligned to the left]: 5 key words, both in English and French. There will be no empty lines between abstract and Keywords. The keywords line will end with period (.).

· There will be one empty line between key words and body of paper.

· Body of paper: [Times New Roman, 11, centered, line spacing: single]. The paper will not exceed 6 paper, including bibliography.

· Italics will be used only for foreign words (e.g. a fortiori, a priori etc.), or underlining of some concepts.

· Bold characters will be uses for subtitles. There will be no other graphic manners to emphasize information in the text.

· Bibliographic references will be inserted in the text according to the model: Surname of author written with capitals, publishing year: page. [ADORNO, 2007:123].

· Footnotes, numbered consecutively, will be used for additional explanations. There will be no other types of notes. Font specification: Times New Roman, Font size 10, normal, line spacing: single.

· Indent paragraphs will be of 1,5 cm. there will be no blank lines between paragraphs.

· The quotes will be inserted in text. Please use quotation marks („……”), no matter how long the quotation is. In the case of a quotation within quotation, please use guillemets («…..»). Any part of the quotation that has been for various reasons left out will be marked by square brackets [….].

· Bibliography [at the end of the text, font size10, centered] will be ordered alphabetically according to the model:

Williams, Raymond, 1978. Culture and Society. Harmondsworth, Penguin Books.
Akhtar, Salman, 1999. „The Immigrant, the Exile and the Experience of Nostalgia”, Journal of Applied Psychoanalitical Studies, Vol.1, Nr. 2, 1999, Human Sciences Press
Talbot, Stephen, 2002. “Interview with Andrei Codrescu”, available at <> on 24 August, 2009

· Bionote [10, Times New Roman, line spacing: 1]. The Bionote will be of 70 to 100 words. It will be written in the third person singular (plural, if the article has more than one author). It will begin with the author(s)’s name(s) (name, small letters; forename, Capital letters).