ELS International Symposium


All papers submitted to the conference must be edited respecting the rules from this template. A complete list of keywords may be found here. Papers missing to comply with this format will not be published.

We strongly recommend the submission of papers by using the OpenConf interface:


All papers will be written in english and will be published in a CNCSIS category B+ recognized journal - Buletinul AGIR in the last issue of 2013.

Indexing Information:
    IndexCopernicus Journal Information
    Engineering AcademicKeys

Selected papers will be also published in:
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering - ISSN 1582-7445 an ISI Thomson Web of Science Indexed Journal.

ELS 2013 Secretariat address:
Facultatea de Inginerie Electrică şi Ştiinţa Calculatoarelor
Str. Universităţii nr.13
720229, Suceava, România
Attn: ELS 2013 Symposium
E-mail: els@usv.ro
Web-site: http://www.usv.ro/els/index.php

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