Facultatea de Educaţie Fizică şi Sport - Journal

Instructions for authors

Authors guideline

The articles will be written in English and will include:

  1. Title (TNR 12, bold, in capital letters, centred)
  2. Author(s) (TNR 12, bold, italic, right aligned)
  3. Institutional affiliation (TNR 12, right aligned)
  4. Keywords (4-6 words, TNR 12, left aligned)
  5. Abstract (maximum 200 words, TNR 12, justify)
  6. Article content: introduction, material-method, results and discussions (TNR 12, justify)
  7. References (TNR 12, left aligned)

The articles will be drafted in this way:

  1. Word (maximum 2003 version or converted into it, having the ".doc" extension );
  2.  A4 format;
  3. Page Setup: 2,75 cm top, 1,8 cm left, 6,7 cm right, 6,7 cm bottom;
  4. font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1;
  5. 6-8 pages with bibliography, tables, graphs and so on.
  6. the title of the tables above them (TNR 10, bold, centred)
  7. title of graphs under these (TNR 10, bold, centred)
  8. the titles from bibliography will be inserted in the text in ascending order in the form of number between square brackets [1]


At the end of the article will be added the following: title, keywords, abstract in the Romanian language (only for ramanian authors).


Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to THE ANNALS OF THE “ŞTEFAN CEL MARE” UNIVERSITY, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT SECTION. THE SCIENCE AND ART OF MOVEMENT are initially reviewed by the editor, who determines whether the manuscript will be sent to reviewers. If so, it is then evaluated by at least two reviewers, including members of the journal's Editorial Board.
The criteria considered by reviewers are originality and novelty of the article, suitability of content, quality of research methodology, organization, clarity, and appropriate documentation.
The result of the    review process can be acceptance, acceptance with revision or rejection. Authors will be informed of the outcome of the review process and only articles accepted will be published.
After the evaluation of the article, the authors will sign and send the COPYRIGHT TRANSFER FORM.
The reviewing process lasts ONE MONTH.

COPYRIGHT TRANSFER FORM – download, fill in, scan and send to contact email.


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