The Faculty of Science of Education from “Stefan cel Mare” University is pleased to invite you to participate at the 10th edition of the International Conference on Sciences of Education at Suceava, on July, 7-9, 2011.

The Conference proposes a framework for communication and academicals experiences sharing in order to facilitate the professional development and the interuniversity cooperation within the European educational space.

The topics addresses to all the practitioners (teachers of all grades, school counselors, researchers, trainers) from preuniversity and university education who want to contribute to the raising the quality in education.

This conference unifies the results of the researches from European countries, and it tries to offer the opportunity for initiating the new projects within the field of educational sciences.

The ICSED 2011 intends to facilitate the meeting with recognized international experts, researcher and students research from educational field.

The ICSED 2011 provides new opportunities of learning through preconferences training sessions, workshops and symposiums.

Your participation will be an honor!

Organizing Committee