Departamentul pentru Învăţământ la Distanţă şi Formare Continuă

The Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava has organized distance learning modules since 1999 for undergraduate, postgraduate programmes as well as degree completion programmes, enhancing the opportunity for all categories of population to gain access to higher education regardless of age.
Distance learning is a new flexible form of education providing students with initial formation, training programmes or professional reconversion, in which the largest part of the specific instruction process does not require the student (course taker) to be in the traditional classroom or lecture hall. At present, at the university, distance learning programmes are carried out under different modules at the Faculties of Letters and Communication Sciences, of History and Geography, of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, and of Forestry.
The Distance learning graduates have the same benefits as those with a degree in full-time education. The immediate contact between tutor and student is the fundamental element of distance learning. Distance learning is a form of education in which oral instruction has a subordinate role and is concentrated along several intensive periods during the academic year. Between these periods, the student undertakes individual study at home; however, he still has the possibility to consult with his tutor at all times by means of specific modern communication technology.