Ştefan cel Mare University

Stefan cel Mare University in a nutshell

     USV has:

  • 9 faculties;
  • 1 modern library with a documentary patrimony which includes over 271,000 books, audiovisual, graphic, electronic micro formats and other categories of documents (12,750 rare books);          
  • 10,000 students;
  • 370 teaching staff;
  • agreements with over 150 universities France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA, Greece, Ireland, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Cameroun, China, Slovakia, Slovenia;
  •  member of  l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie – AUF, the Alliance of Universities for Democracy – AUDEM, the International Association of Universities - IAU, the European University Association – EUA.

Academic calendar
First Semester: October, the 1st – February (including the exam session)
Second Semester: March – June (including the examination period).
A re-examination period is scheduled before the beginning of a new academic year (in July or September, depending on each faculty).
For further information, students are kindly invited to ask for information at each Faculty secretariat, because there are differences in the academic calendar from one faculty to another.


Faculties (structure and contacts)

1. Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
Website: www.fefs.usv.ro
Dean: Associate Prof. Petru GHERVAN, Ph. D.
Address: Str. Universitatii, nr. 13,  720229,  Suceava
Tel: +40-(0)230-522978 ext. 278
Fax: +40-(0)230- 524065

Undergraduate Courses:

  •  Physical and Sport Education (3 yrs)
  •  Kinetotherapy and Special Motricity (3yrs)
  • Balneo-physiokinetotherapy(3yrs)
  • Nutrition and Dietetics (3yrs)

Master Courses:

  • Physical Education in Schools and Extracurricular Activities (2yrs)

2. Faculty of Food Engineering
Website: www.fia.usv.ro
Dean: Professor Sonia AMARIEI, Ph. D. Eng.
Address: Str. Universitatii, nr. 13, 720229,  Suceava
Tel: +40-(0)230-520267; +40-(0)230 – 522978 ext. 516
Fax: +40-(0)230-520267

Undergraduate Courses:

  •  Food Products Engineering (4yrs)
  •  Food Products Control and Expertise (4yrs)
  •  Engineering and Management in Public Alimentation and Agro tourism (4yrs)
  • Consumer and Environmental Protection (4yrs)

Master Courses:

  • Food Products Control and Expertise (2 yrs)
  • Hygiene Management, Control of Food Products Quality and Assurance of Population Health (2 yrs)
  • Food Products Quality and Environment Management (2 yrs)
  • Environmental Security Management & Food Safety (1,5 yrs).

3. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Website: www.eed.usv.ro
Dean: Professor Stefan-Gheorghe PENTIUC, PhD. Eng.
Address: Str.Univrsitatii, nr. 13,  720229,  Suceava
Tel: +40-(0)230-524801; +40-(0)230 – 522978  ext  281
Fax: +40-(0)230-524801

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Computer Science and Engineering (4 yrs)
  • Automatics and Applied Informatics (4 yrs)
  • Industrial Energetics (4 yrs)
  • Electrical Systems (4 yrs)
  • Economic Engineering in the Electrical, Electronic and Energetic Field (4 yrs)
  • Applied Electronics (4 yrs)

Master Studies:

  • Computer Science and Engineering (2 yrs)
  • Informatics Management in Industry and Administration (2 yrs)
  • Modern Systems for Energetic Process Control (2 yrs)
  • Advanced Techniques in Electrical Machines and Drives (2 yrs)

4. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Management

Website: www.fim.usv.ro
Dean: Professor Romeo IONESCU, Ph.D. Eng.
Address: Str.Universitatii, nr. 13, 720229 , Suceava
Tel: +40-(0)230-523743; +40-(0)230 – 522978 ext 112
Fax: +40-(0)230-523743
Undergraduate Courses:

  • Environmental Protection and  Engineering in Industry (4 yrs)
  • Mechatronics (4 yrs)
  • Economic Engineering in Mechanical Field (4 yrs)
  • Machines Construction Technology (4 yrs)
  •  Equipment for Industrial Processes (4 yrs)

Master Studies:

  • Computer-Assisted Mechanical Engineering (1,5 yrs)
  • Modern Manufacturing Technologies and Equipments (1,5 yrs)
  •  Quality Engineering and Labor Safety (1,5 yrs)
  •  Techno-Economic Expertise and Management (1,5 yrs)
  • Applied Mechatronics (1,5 yrs)

5. Faculty of History and Geography

Website: www.atlas.usv.ro
Dean: Professor Vasile EFROS, Ph.D.
Address:  Str.Universitatii, nr. 13,  720229 , Suceava
Tel: +40-(0)230-523742; +40-(0)230 – 522978  ext 511
Fax: +40-(0)230-523742

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Environmental Geography (3 yrs)
  • Geography (3 yrs)
  • Geography of Tourism (3 yrs)
  • History (3 yrs)
  • Philosophy (3 yrs)
  • International Relations and European Studies (3 yrs)
  • Political Sciences (3 yrs)
  • Social Work (3 yrs)

Master Studies:

  • Management of International Relations and Transborder Cooperation (2 yrs)
  • Heritage Protection, Valorization and Management (2 yrs)
  •  European Studies (2 yrs)
  •  Land Use Planning and GIS Tools (2 yrs)
  •  Tourism and Regional Development (2 yrs)
  •  Counseling and Management in Human Resources (2 yrs)
  •  Organizational Ethics and Ethical Audit (2 yrs)

6. Faculty of Letters and Communication Sciences

Website: www.litere.usv.ro
Dean: Professor Luminita TURCU, Ph. D.
Address: 13, Univ. Str., 720229 Suceava
Tel: +40-(0)230-524097; +40-(0)230 – 216147 / 249
Fax: +40-(0)230-524097

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Romanian Language and Literature- French/German Language and Literature (3 yrs)
  • Romanian Language and Literature- Spanish Language and Literature (3 yrs)
  • French Language and Literature- English/German Language and Literature (3 yrs)
  • English Language and Literature- Romanian/German Language and Literature (3 yrs)
  • Ukrainian Language and Literature- Romanian/French/English Language and Literature (3 yrs)
  •  Romanian Language and Literature – Italian Language and Literature (3yrs)
  • Communication and Public Relations (3 yrs)

Master Studies:

  • Romanian Literature in the European Context (2 yrs)
  • Semiotics in Mass Media and Advertising (2 yrs)
  •  British Culture and Civilization in the Globalization Context (2 yrs)
  •  Language and Communication (2yrs)
  • Didactics of Modern Languages (2yrs)
  • Translation Theory and Practice (French/English/German)

7. Faculty of Forestry

Website: www.silvic.usv.ro
Dean: Associate Prof., Ph.D. Eng. Sergiu-Andrei HORODNIC
Address: 13, Univ. Str., 720229 Suceava
Tel: +40-(0)230 – 216147 / 519
Fax: +40-(0)230-521664

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Forestry (4 yrs)
  •  Ecology and Environment Protection (4yrs)

Master Studies:

  •  Management of Wood Exploitation and Processing Activities (1,5 yrs)
  •  Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Certification (1,5 yrs)


8. Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration

Website: www.seap.usv.ro
Dean: Professor Carmen NASTASE, Ph.D. Ec.
Address: 13, Univ. Str., 720229 Suceava
Tel: +40-(0)230-520263; +40-(0)230 – 216147 ext. 303 or 304
Fax: +40-(0)230-520263

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Public Administration (3 yrs)
  • Finance and Banking (3 yrs)
  • Management (3 yrs)
  • International Business (3 yrs)
  • Accounting and Informatics Management (3 yrs)
  • General Economy and Economical Communication (3 yrs)
  •  Business Administration (3 yrs)
  •  Law (4 yrs)
  • Economic Informatics (3 yrs)
  • Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services(3 yrs)

Master Studies:

  • Trade, Tourism and Services Enterprises Management (2 yrs)
  • Accounting , Financial Audit and Accounting Expertise (2 yrs)
  • Economy and International Business (2 yrs)
  • Management and European Administration (2 yrs)
  • Management and Audit in Business and Administration (2 yrs)
  • European Business Management(2 yrs)
  • European Projects Management (2 yrs)
  • Management and Training of Human Resources in Organizations (2 yrs)
  • Management and Business Administration (2yrs)
  • Financial Audit and Corporate Governance (2yrs)

9. Faculty of Educational Science

Website: www.fsed.usv.ro
Dean: Associate Professor Otilia CLIPA, Ph. D.
Address: 13, Univ. Str., 720229 Suceava
Tel: +40-(0)230 – 520465 ; +40-(0)230-216147/278
Fax: +40-(0)230-520465


Undergraduate Courses:

  • Primary and Pre-School Education Pedagogy (3yrs)

Master Courses:

  • Didactic Communication (2 yrs)
  • Management of Educational Institutions (2 yrs)

PhD programmes:

  • Business and Administration
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Philology
  • Geography
  • Materials Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • History
  • Forestry

European Affairs Office
The staff of this department offer assistance both to the teaching staff and the students who are interested in visiting or studying at the University Stefan cel Mare of Suceava.
Address: 13, University Street, 720229 - Suceava
Tel.: +40-(0)230-520316;       +40-(0)230-216147 ext. 523
Fax.: +40-(0)230-520316;     
E-mail: relint@usv.ro
Website: http://www.relint.usv.ro


The University Library

The Library of the Stefan cel Mare University is available for students, staff and visitors. The documentary patrimony of the University library includes over 270,000 volumes, 28145 periodical and serial publications, micro formats, map drawing documents, audio-visual, graphic, electronic documents as well as other such categories (12,750 volumes of rare books and 29,500 standards).
It is opened from Monday through Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.  This time may vary during holidays, but any changes to the schedule will be advertised in advance. The library is an ideal place for individual or group studies.
If you are in any need of assistance in using any of the available resources in the library for your research or for general information, ask the librarians. For general information or to be registered as a user, refer to the reception desk immediately after the main entrance.
The Library has electronic catalogues. These catalogues contain descriptions of all the materials found within the library. The library rooms are equipped with computers with free access to internet. It has also 5 reading rooms.
Most material can be borrowed from the library. Books can be borrowed, while periodicals cannot be borrowed. For items that cannot be borrowed, there are photocopiers in the library rooms (at a low copying price).

Computer Facilities

In almost all the university rooms, free of charge computer access is available for the students. The access to Internet is also free of charge in the students’ residences, but they need to have their own computers.  Students may get an e-mail account if they don’t have one. For further information, please contact the Communication and Informational Technologies Service.

Leisure time within the Campus
Within the Campus students can relax at USV BookCafé, a small cafeteria where they can socialize, drink something and read a book, at the Swimming Complex, where they can take aqua gym classes, they can play football or other games on the sports fields or they can watch a theater performance or a musical concert in the auditorium.