Facultatea de Ştiinţe Economice şi Administraţie Publică

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The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration offers 3-4-year Undergraduate and 2-year Postgraduate programmes.
The undergraduate subject areas are: Finance, with programmes in Finance and Banking; Management with a programme in Management; International Economics and Business with a programme in International Business; Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics with a programme in Economic Cybernetics; Accounting, with a programme in Accounting and Management Information System; Business Administration with programmes in Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services and Business Administration; Administrative Sciences with a programme in Public Administration and Management Assistance and Secretarial Studies; Law.
The Master's Degree programmes cover: Management of Trade, Tourism and Services Enterprises, Management in the Public Administration of Countries in the European Union, Public Management, Economy and Globalization, Technical Expertise and Financial Evaluation (in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering), Accounting and Financial Audit in Trade, Tourism and Service Enterprises; Accounting, Financial Audit and Examination of Accounts; Management and European Business Administration; Management and Business Administration; Management and Audit in Business and Administration; Management and European Administration;
The faculty also offers 6-12-month Postgraduate training courses.
Public Administration trains students in the field of public services, in all the areas of local and public administration.
Students in Finance and Banking are trained to work in the financial field, as specialised economists in financial accounting, currency and customs areas.
Students in Accounting and Management Information Systems specialize in organizing and managing accounting in public institutions, private companies and financial institutions, as well as in managing the information systems of organizations.
The Economics and International Business module instructs students into becoming specialists in the field of international economic relations, of economic cooperation and regional development.
The Economics of Trade, Tourism and Services module trains students into becoming skilled specialists in the economic development of organizations.
The Management programme trains students to be skilled managers in all economic areas.
Business Administration instructs future economists, specialists in management and business administration, to be able to conceive general management strategies and marketing policies to apply to any type of enterprise in the economic areas.
The Law module offers complete and varied juridical training, thus enabling the practice of law, but also useful in other sectors where knowledge of law constitutes a major advantage.
The Faculty staff participate in national and international research programmes such as: C Phare CBC, CNCISIS, COST, CEEX, JEAN MONET, SECURITY PROGRAM. The students participate in the National Olympic Contest under the aegis of AFER and in scientific sessions organised by the Faculty of Economics or other Romanian Universities with similar modules. The research activity is carried out in the framework of the scientific societies such as the General Association of Romanian Economists and the Regional Statistics Society.
The Research Centres within our faculty focus on the following topics: Management and Business Administration; Accounting and Management Information Systems.
International Relations and Collaborations
The teaching staff of the Faculty organise annual and biannual international scientific manifestations, participate in international congresses; we have concluded bilateral agreements with 14 partner universities from Italy, Austria, Spain, Ireland, France, Great Britain, Germany and Greece. The Faculty offers scholarships and exchange programmes for students under the Erasmus/SOCRATES and Leonardo da Vinci schemes.
The Faculty has its own building with lecture halls and seminar rooms, professional laboratories equipped with computers and the latest technology as well as its own library.