Entry and residence provisions

In order to enter in Romania, foreign citizens of the countries belonging to the European Union and EEA region are required to present an identity card or comparable proof of identity such as a passport. Citizens from countries outside the European Union or EEA region, may enter Romania with visa.  You may enter the address below for information regarding visa http://ori.mai.gov.ro/detalii/pagina/en/Studii/74

All EU/EEA and Non-EU/EEA students that come to Stefan cel Mare University must be registered at the Police’s Immigrants Office within 90 days from the ir arrival.

The papers required for their registration are:

·  1 passport sized photography;
·  Valid passport for Non EU students and ID card for EU students;
·  Health insurance/European Health card;
·  Medical certificate (issued by USV’s medical office);
·  Accommodation contract for non EU students;
·  Certificate of enrolment (issued by the USV);

  • A fee of 5 Ron;