Facultatea de Inginerie Mecanică, Mecatronică şi Management

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The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Management offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate (Master's Degree and supervision and training Postgraduate modules) as well as Doctoral programmes.
The four-year Undergraduate subject areas are the following: Mechatronics and Robotics with a programme in Mechatronics; Engineering and Management with a programme in Economic Engineering in Mechanical Field; Mechanical Engineering with a programme in Equipment for Industrial Processes; Industrial Engineering with a programme in Machine Construction Technology and Engineering and Quality Management; and Environmental Engineering with a programme in Environment Protection and Engineering in Industry.
The 1.5-year Master's Degree subject areas are the following: Computer-Assisted Mechanical Engineering; Modern Processing Technologies and Equipment; Integrated Management of Labour Quality, Environment, Health and Safety;; Tribology and Mechanics of Contact; Applied Mechatronics; Techno-Economic Expertise and Evaluation.
The PhD programme covers the subject area of Mechanical Engineering- supervisor Professor Emanuel DIACONESCU, PhD Eng.
We also organize a Postgraduate module in Educational Management.
Our studies train students to become technical staff in the field of mechanical engineering in designing, execution and exploitation of plants, technologies and mechanical equipment necessary in wood industry; in the field of mechatronics and robotics - knowledge on design and execution of systems and mechatronics products, prototype projects development, acquisition, maintenance, repairs, adaptation know-how in the fields of: devices for information recording and rendering, birotics-related devices, biomechatronic and medical equipment, research devices, motor vehicles mechatronics, optical and ultraacoustic devices, automation and control systems, robotics.
Also, the industrial engineering subject area trains students into becoming technical specialists skilled in mathematics, science and engineering, mechanical processing technology and system design, with a systemic and systematic way of thinking, specific to the mechanical domain, into being experienced in using modern techniques and instruments in engineering practice, with highly-developed abilities in management, marketing, strategies, analysis and enterprise diagnosis, economic and labour legislation.
In our Faculty, studies imply a high level of professionalism from the teaching staff with a strong focus on human relations and the teacher-student interaction within the education curricula.
The policy of our Faculty is that graduates must possess solid knowledge in the studied subjects, team spirit in the activities of collaboration regarding the integration in projects at national and regional levels, as well as creative skills, leadership and work organization skills in the respective fields, in various engineering activities, in fundamental and applicative scientific research.
The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Management has over 30 years of experience in research. Research is centered round tribology, materials science and mechanical processing technology. Students participate in staff research teams and collaborate on reaserch with other Romanian universities.
This activity is also supported by exceptional equipment and facilities such as the research halls (B 112, B 120c, B024e), robotics room, laboratory with 14 work seats with SIDEM numerical command devices, laboratories of informatics and specialized engineering, production halls.
International Relations
Throughout the years, the highly qualified staff of this Faculty have organized the VAREHD and TEHNOMUS annual international conferences at Suceava and have participated in international conferences in other European countries. We have also concluded contracts and collaboration agreements with other foreign institutions such as: Imperial College-London, Queen Mary and Westfield- London, University of Cambridge, England Polytechnic Institute, Trinity College Dublin, Ohio State University, Cranfield University, Catholic University of Leuven, INSA of Lyon, Ecole Centrale Lyon, Institute of Materials London, IUTB II Lyon, University of Porto, Fachhochschule Aalen Germany, University of Kishinev.