Laborator de compatibilitate electromagnetică

EN ISO-CEI 17025:2005 accredited laboratory

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Research Laboratory - EMCLab ( is a component of the SISCON Research Center (


Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory - EMCLab is located in Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava campus, in a modern new building. The laboratory is accredited by RENAR Bucharest, in conformity with SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 international standard, for electromagnetic compatibility tests on information technology equipments, electrical and electronic equipments used in residential, commercial and industrial areas, 2.4 GHz broadband transmission equipments, communication networks equipments, Bluetooth devices, Short Range Devices and Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) equipments (the complete list of equipments may be found on the web-site). The laboratory started as a CEEX 2006 research project, the implementation team being formed by specialized personnel, well trained and with a lot of experience in the accredited field.
We help engineer the future in relevant research areas by:

  • Using collaboration among universities, industry and government;
  • Conducting research on challenges in providing customers with reliable, economical and environmentally-acceptable products and projects;
  • Educating the next generation of engineers;
  • Assuring the continuing education for production engineers.


  • Anechoic Chamber / 3m Fully Compliant Anechoic Chamber TDK
  • EMI Test Receiver - Rohde & Schwarz ESU 26
  • Microwave Signal Generator - Rohde & Schwarz SMR 20
  • Power Meter - Rohde & Schwarz NRP 26
  • Solid State Broadband Microwave Amplifiers - Amplifier Research and OPHIR
  • Hybrid / Horn Log Periodic Antennas
  • Control System Interface - TDK SI-300
  • Radiation and Emission Test Software - TDK RF Solutions
  • Compact ESD Simulator - dito / EMTEST
  • Portable spectrum analyzer (NARDA-STS)

For the full version of our equipments list and their main characteristics, please visit the Equipments section of our web page.





EMC Laboratory ICMET Craiova - Romania, ICPE-CA Bucharest - Romania, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies Iasi - Romania, Politehnica University Bucharest - Romania, Instituto Politecnico do Porto - Portugal, Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille - France, Katholicke Hogeschool Gent – Belgium


Eugen COCA, Professor, Ph.D. Eng. - Head of the research team
Phone: +40-745-594-640; +40-230-522978 ext. 160
Fax: +40-230-524-801


Professor Valentin POPA, Ph.D., Eng.
Professor Adrian GRAUR, Ph.D., Eng.
Professor Vlad CEHAN, Ph.D., Eng. (T.U. Iasi)


Aurel CHIRAP, Eng.
Lucian SPETCU, Eng.
Georgiana BUTA, Assistant, Eng.
3 Ph.D. students