Laborator pentru calitatea apei


The main objective of the laboratory for water quality is the research of water quality assurance by monitoring material balances, determination of environmental impact caused by water pollution, developing new technologies for water treatment and modern methods for water analysis.


The main activity of the laboratory for water quality is increasing and strengthening research in the specific water quality monitoring, to determine the environmental impact caused by pollution.
In this regard, the laboratory develops and supports research activity and collaboration with the economic field, scientific assistance grants, technical advice and training, postgraduate training of masters and doctoral level, supports advanced interdisciplinary research, cross-border cooperation, initiated and endorses research contracts to the European standards in the field. Laboratory staff also participates in national and international debates on water pollution and rectification.

Scientific research awarded by European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation 2010: Gold Medal - 1, Bronze Medal - 1.


Specromicroscope UV-VIS-NIR

Optical Fiber Miniatur Spectrometer

Atomic Absorbtion Spectrometer

Atomic Emission Spectrometer with
Mass Spectrometer and Laser Ablation


4 ISI indexed papers
1 book
2 research grants
7 patent proposals
3 inventions


- Professor PhD Sonia GUTT - head of the research team, Phone: 0040 230 520 267,
- Associate professor PhD Rodica ROTAR
- Lecturer PhD Violeta VASILACHE
- Assistant eng. Eufrozina NIGA
- Assistant eng. Alina PSIBILSCHIU