Laborator pentru micro-maşini, micro-aparate şi acţionări electrice neconvenţionale

Unconventional Actuators, Micromachines and Micropower Drives laboratory it’s a part of the structure of Research Center in Electrical Machines, Apparatus and Drives recognized in 2004 by National Council of Stiintific Research from Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.
The laboratory activitie follow the strategy of the Research Center and have the following objectives: specialists forming which can may compete through their calification and performance at enlargement of knowledge frontier; university competitivity development on top qualification market; committal of performance elite forming by line of young teachers.
The research directions which entailed the founding of Unconventional Actuators, Micromachines and Microdrives laboratory relies on the reconsideration of some categories of classic forces developed in magnetic field and electric field or another category of forces: forces based on solid structure deformation under the action of the electric field (piezoelectricity etc.) or under the action of the magnetic field; forces based on solid structure deformation under the action of the heat (thermo-bimetal; memory alloy etc.) and which brought in some prototypes in solar energetic (solar bimetallic engine, solar nitinol engine, solar pneumatic engine etc.); forces based on chemical reactions leading to the achievement of the electrochemical pumps; forces based on hydraulic effects uses. Non-conventional energy supply developments, micro wind turbine dimensioning and power system testing equipment represents new research directions.
The research results were evidenced through:
International and national exhibition awards:
- Monophase asyncronous motor with multiple rotors. Innova,  Bruxelles, 2009
- Solar micromotor: Bronze Medal at Salon International des Inventions,
des Techniques et Produits Nouveaux, Geneva, 2008 
- Solar motor: Gold Medal at International INVENTIKA Exhibition, Bucharest, 2008 
- Low speed electric engine: Silver Medal at International Exhibition of Innovations, New Ideas, New Products and Technologies - ARCA, Zagreb, 2008
- Heliotrope: Gold Medal at International ECOINVENT Exhibition, Iassy, 2003
Patents: 39
Patent applications: 200
Books: 5
INVENTICA Exhibition
Unconventional Electrical Machines Symposium – ELS2005
International Symposium on Electrical Engineering and Energy Converters –ELS 2007, ELS 2009.
Computers, video camera, data acquisition boards; frequency converters, software application used for electromagnetic and thermal physics simulations.

Solar electric engine                          Foto 1-3
Solar bimetallic engine                      Foto 4
Solar pneumatic engine                    Foto 5
Piezoelectric engine                           Foto 7
Vibroengine                                         Foto 8
Electrochemical pump                      Foto 9

Technical University of Moldova, Lille Ghent University, University of Catania, Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi, University "Politechnica" of Bucharest, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Transilvania University Brasov, Technical University Politehnica Timisoara

Professor Dorel CERNOMAZU, PhD. Eng.  Head of the research team
Phone/Fax: (+40)-230-524801, ext. 238; E-mail:
Permanent staff: 7; Ph.D. students: 4