Laborator pentru testarea materialelor


The laboratory for materials testing and characterization allows aproaching sequentially and unitarily any problems regarding advanced testing and characterization of metallic and non-metallic materials as well as to estimate environmental impact. By its specific, by staff's scientific competences and its equipment, the laboratory contributes significantly to quality system implementation into industrial goods production, consolidation of research-training-industry partnership, having as main goal the lasting knowledge-based development of society, as well as of a society fully aware of and concerned with environment impact produced by industrial processing of metallic and non-metallic materials.


  • As university laboratory it plays an important part in research activities from materials engineering field, in elaborating and characterizing new materials of high technological and exploiting properties.
  • The laboratory will be actively involved in current tests that have in view to determine the mechanical and non- mechanical sizes used in order to characterize behaviour in different working regimes of these materials.
  • This laboratory assumes important tasks regarding the study of environment impact produced by primary and secondary technologies of metallic and non-metallic materials obtaining and processing, aim within which the instrumental chemical analysis segment has properly developed.


26 research grants, 45 Patents, 24 Patents Proposals, 4 books, above 200 scientific papers.
Scientific Research awarded by EUROINVENT 2010.
Awards list:
Grand Prize - 1
Gold Medal - 3
Silver Medal - 1

SEM with X-Ray EDX Microsonde

Vickers Microdurimeter controlled by computer

Martens Microdurimeter controlled by computer

X- Ray Energy Dispersiv Spectrometer


Professor PhD Georg GUTT - head of the research team; Phone: 0040 230 520 267,


Lecturer PhD Silvia MIRONEASA
Lecturer PhD Violeta VASILACHE
Assistant Siviu STROE
Assistant Traian SEVERIN
Assistant Viorel GHIGUTA