Laboratorul de calculatoare de înaltă performanţă


Developing research in the field of High Performance Computing applied to Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence. Creating a powerful Grid node to be interconnected with other GRID's.


The laboratory is motivated by the need of developing and improving new methods of computing high quantities of data using parallel and grid systems. The main domains of interests are:

  • Complex calculus for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence,
  • High complexity calculus necessary to solve the acute problems concerning the environment and natural resources saving,
  • The possibility of real development and testing of middleware applications and grid technologies,
  • Interconnection with other Grid networks,
  • QoS in Distributed and Parallel Systems.


The Data Center consists of 2 IBM Clusters and auxiliary installations.
The equipment is installed in the Data Center of the High Performance Computing Laboratory of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University „Ştefan cel Mare” Suceava.

  • IBM Cluster BladeCenter QS22/LS22 PowerXCell 8i 3.2 Ghz (the same architecture as number 1 in the Top 500 of the Supercomputers in June 2009):
    • 48 blade servers QS22 with 96 processors PowerXCell 8i CellBE processors 3.2 GHz
    • 8 blade servers LS22 with AMD Opteron processors
    • TB storage capacity
    • the hybrid architecture's computing power in double precision (proved by Linpack) is 6.53 TFlops
  • IBM Cluster BladeCenter HS21, Xeon quad core:
    • 28 blade servers with 56 Intel Xeon processors quad core at 2.33 GHz
    • storage capacity 3.5 TB
    • High speed interconnectivity (optical fiber link)



University „Politehnica” - Bucharest
Technical University „Gh. Asachi” - Iaşi
„Al. I. Cuza” - Iaşi
Ecole Polytechnique de Lille (Polytech'Lille)


Prof. dr. eng. Ştefan Gheorghe Pentiuc - Team Leader
Prof. dr. eng. Vasile Găitan
Lecturer Dr. eng. Remus Prodan
Ph.D. Students
eng. Ungurean Ioan
eng. Gherman Ovidiu
eng. Crăciun Elena Gina
eng. Rusu Ionela
Tel.Fax:( +4) 0230 524 801